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We will provide you with Payroll, VAT and Monthly Management Accounts which you will be able to view at any time on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

Information is electronically transmitted to HMRC weekly or monthly for payroll, quarterly for VAT and annually for accounts and tax returns. All information is sent to HMRC compliant standards. Click here for further information.


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Online Tax Savings Limited
Carlton Business Centre
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Tel: 0115 987 6817



Online Payroll

We provide online a Payroll/CIS service on a weekly or monthly basis with a real time interface to HM Revenue and Customs for Tax and NI summaries.

What we do for you - Online

  • We enter weekly or monthly the Gross Pay (Hours and Rates) provided to us and calculate the Tax and NI related thereto providing Net Pay.
  • We then produce payslips and a monthly Tax and NI summary for each weekly or monthly client.
  • We then electronically submit Tax and NI summaries to HM Revenue and Customs monthly. 

What you do for us - Online

  • Enter the Gross Pay (Hours and Rates) weekly or monthly.

Our Payroll Software

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  • Monthly Gross  Net Pay Summary -
    Monthly Gross Net Pay Summary
  • Monthly Tax  NI Summary -
    Monthly Tax NI Summary
  • Weekly Gross  Net Pay Summary -
    Weekly Gross Net Pay Summary
  • Weekly Sub-Contractor Analysis -
    Weekly Sub-Contractor Analysis

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